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Local kitchen hire

The commercial kitchen at the Big Shed is available for hire for periods of half a day upwards. Use the pricing calculator on the Booking page to calculate a price for your choices.

Availability & pricing

Hiring the space

The kitchen at the Big Shed is registered with Perth & Kinross Council as a commercial kitchen and has a Food Hygiene Certificate from them. This means food prepared here can be sold to the public.

For keen gardeners, gluts of fruit and veg are a perennial problem. The commercial kitchen comes equipped with pots and pans big enough to handle any quantity of jam, chutney or pickles to stock your own larder or give as gifts. The kitchen can be hired by the day or by the hour, so you can fill your entire jam cupboard for the price of a few jars from the supermarket.

In season, local people can purchase a deer carcass from the staff at Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve, which will be delivered to the Big Shed kitchen for you to butcher.

It's used regularly by small local businesses for small scale commercial food preparation.

It's a good place to try out food-related business ideas on a small scale before committing to converting your own kitchen or hiring commercial premises. We keep rates low so that we can support small local initiatives, but in order to make that viable, we need you to clean up properly after you have used the kitchen.

Pricing for local use is very flexible and affordable, all we ask is that you clean up after yourself! If you're interested in finding out more and seeing the kitchen for yourself, please get in touch.

Local Suppliers

Commercial kitchen

  • Electric cooker with  2 ovens, a grill, and a 5 zone induction hob
  • Commercial microwave
  • Fridges and freezer
  • Large mixer
  • Commercial food processor and blender
  • Deep fat fryer, cookware, bakeware and utensils
  • Butchery equipment, knives, sharpener, mincer
  • Catering size pans

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