From mid-July to mid-August there are artists in the live-work studio, but the hall & kitchen are available!      


If you have a date or dates in mind, you can check the calendars for availability.

Availability Calendars


Live/Work Studio
Renting the studio for a creative residency costs £900 per month, inclusive of heating, lighting, water, electricity, washing machine and wifi. Shorter bookings are priced at £300 a week.

Room(s) or entire building
For other parts of the building and other uses, you’ll need to use the Price Calculators (below right) to obtain a price. If your booking is for 16 people or fewer, use the Price Calculator for small groups, otherwise use the Price Calculator for large groups.

90 people or more
If there are more than 90 people in your group, get in touch, as we may still be able to accommodate your needs, particularly if you live locally or if your event is connected with rural sustainability.

Email us to book

Price Calculators

The price calculators don't cover every circumstance, so please do get in touch if you find it doesn't cover your needs. We will try to be flexible.

Click the links below to view and download the calculator of your choice.

If your security software is being vigilant, you may need to click on "allow editing" at the top of the downloaded calculator, before you can fill it in.

Complete each section by placing a "1" in the appropriate box and at the end of the process, it will give you a price.

Be careful to check you've only marked the boxes that you meant to mark!

If you pick two days, then change your mind and fill in one day, but you haven't gone back to set the "two days" box to "0", the calculation will add the one day plus two days and give you a price for three days.

Price Calculator Large Groups November 2023 Price Calculator Small Groups November 2023