For all enquiries & to book your event,
call us on: 0750 864 5453


The Big Shed is a wonderfully versatile building with different spaces that can be used in different combinations to suit various needs.  To help get a guideline price for your event, there's an  easy to use calculator below. Just download it and mark all the boxes that apply to your needs with the number “1” and it will give you a price.

 Please note that the calculator is just a guide and cannot cover every circumstance, so please do get in touch via the email box on the contacts page or text/phone 0750 864 5453 and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

  •  We are especially sympathetic to the needs of locals: be they individuals, community   organisations or businesses
  • We like to encourage groups with an interest in sustainability
  • If your group is larger than the maximum shown on the calculator,  we may still be able to accommodate your needs. Contact us for a price

 We’ll ask for a deposit to secure any booking of £50 or more.

 Renting of the studio as a live/work space by artists/writers or craftspeople costs £375 per month. The weekly rate is £100. Current availability is shown on the studio page itself.

Note that the Big Shed is not designed for constant residential use, as the space can accommodate a maximum of 30 people for sleeping and there are limited WC, shower, water and sewerage facilities. In summer months, when camping is a viable option in our climate, this isn't a problem.  If you would like to book the building for a small group, retreat or workshop, over the winter months, it can be arranged on a discretionary basis. Please do get in touch if you are interested.



Facility Calculator - Final version Pro Jan 2017 - left click to download and get started

Make sure you’ve only marked  the boxes that you meant to mark!    

If you pick two days, then change your mind and fill in one day, but you haven’t set your original selection to “0”, the calculation will add the one day plus two days  and give you the price for three days.

If you've seen the gallery and think that the Big Shed looks an amazing facility in an equally amazing setting, but  you can't think of an excuse to hire it, let us tempt you with some suggestions. Click on the links to see more: