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Buddhist yoga day

Yoga day pic

The yoga day with tutor Sadhita was much enjoyed by everyone who came along.

The morning session had us stretching and warming up gently, before moving into a series of poses well supported by blocks and bolsters.

  A very tasty mostly home-grown and home-made vegetarian lunch was served in the cafe/kitchen area
and a huge potful of Thai Green Curry mushroom soup vanished in moments.
As lunch digested, we came back to an afternoon of luxurious stretches, again well-supported by cushions
and bolsters. These poses were held for several minutes  to allow our bodes to stretch gently without
undue effort.
The following day, it was obvious we'd worked out, but in a nice way - not that horrible,
"Aagh!  I can't move without enormous pain. " kind of way.
We look forward to another yoga workshop with Sadhita at the end of March.
If anyone wants to be contacted when the next yoga day is happening, please let us know.