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Saturday 5th October shall go down in Big Shed memory as the 'Rallion Rave-up'!
Hailing from Glasgow and Perthshire, Rallion are renowned for their unique and powerful music which brings together a wide range of influences to create contemporary folk with a big fat twist. Their sound is based around the fiddle powerhouse of Fiona Cuthill, the distinctive voice of Marieke McBean and the virtuoso guitar and bouzouki playing of Stevie Lawrence; each of them is an extremely talented solo performer and multi-instrumentalist

It has been written about Rallion that "Any head banging, heavy metal musician would envy the driving, chest thumping beat this group can pound out of their traditional instruments. Clapping and foot stomping was irresistible every time they played. They rock!" - Jay Moore, Cambridge Now, Canada. And so it proved on Saturday, when younger members of the audience spilled out into the open air outside the Hall and danced rapturously in full view of the band; the rapport between the audience and the band was unmistakably vibrant.

The band was founded 10 years ago, and their first ever gig was at the Killin folk festival in 2013; since then, the group have travelled widely, performing at Celtic international music festivals in Italy, the Netherlands and Canada, as well as festivals throughout the UK. The band have appeared on BBC Radio Scotland /BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal - 'The Highland Cafe' and Celtic Music Radio, Glasgow, and perform regularly in folk clubs around Scotland.
In 2006 they released their first album For No-one and Everyone to very favourable reviews. Their second album One for Sorrow was released in 2009.

The Big Shed extends its warmest thanks to Rallion for providing a hugely enjoyable evening of the highest quality folk.

Please visit their website for further information about the band, pictures and lyrics, and where you can also buy their music.