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Autumn Yoga Day

Yoga flower

It was time to unwind and unravel once again in a yoga workshop held in the Hall on Sunday.

Led by Sue Atkinson, the day focused on taking care of the lower back when practising yoga. Most of us (including myself) have the tendency to over-use our back muscles to compensate for core muscles that don't have much strength, and 13 of us - with not a single unlucky one in our number - benefitted  today from our lessons in how to take greater care of our spines.

The workshop began in the morning by Sue taking us through a gentle and thorough warm-up, followed by some slowly and carefully executed sequences.
Following this, we took a break for a lunch of tasty, mostly home-grown and home-made vegetarian food served in the Big Shed's cafe and kitchen area. The day was sunny, warm and dry; perfect for a gentle post-luncheon stroll to the loch and along the beach to allow our food to settle, and relax us into the afternoon session.

This consisted of luxurious stretches, well-supported by comfortable cushions and bolsters; these poses were held for several minutes to allow our bodes to stretch gently without undue effort. It was so nice to have the luxury of time to ease into postures and feel the body gradually stretching without any apparent effort.

The day was rounded off by a guided relaxation led by Sue. Bliss!