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Whisky Tasting at the Big Shed

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Hah! I thought a big glass of whisky would get your attention – but have you ever wished to know more about how to appreciate our national tipple properly? Of course you have, and a Single Malt Whisky tasting event at the Big Shed is exactly what you need to familiarise yourself with the finer points of the revered Scottish Art of Whisky.

Just such a session was hosted in the Big Hall on June 13th, and was naturally attended by our barman Laurie who wrote this report for the blog:

“A bit it hung over from all the fun last night – a really good evening with a superb speaker and six whiskies to sample. We were able to ruminate on a range of ages, styles, peat levels and both filtered and unfiltered samples from a variety of distilleries.

“Such an event is a good intro to get you from possibly liking it and wondering if are you missing something, to becoming a confident appreciator of good whisky. From a basic understanding of the type of glass used to drink from, through the colour, smell, the effect of a drop of water, the way to savour it and enjoy it, the tasting event was detailed and instructive. Interesting insights into brewery tricks, the effect of barley, ageing, barrels, location when maturing and peat were given along with discussions such as price versus quality and enjoyment increases.

“The points of the suitability of different whiskies to fine dining were discussed in much the same way as fine wines, with considerations of the appropriate whisky to drink with a meal or after a meal – whether it be lunch, dinner or even breakfast. Subjects such as grain versus neat barley affecting the end product, whether the whisky is to be for drinking or storing, and brewery tours were so thought-provoking that there were lots of questions from the floor on most aspects of production – so we overran expected time, and the evening didn’t begin to break up until nearly 10pm.

“It was a very successful evening, most in attendance will or already have signed up to coming back for round 2 (or 7 depending on your way of looking at it!)

“Our whisky connoisseur Steve was very good with us, with the attitude that there is no such thing as a stupid question putting everyone at ease and making us all feel we could ask him anything at all we wanted to know on the subject. No one really wanted to finish!”

Thank you Laurie for your great report on a fascinating evening! I hope your hangover is better by now. If you are interested to find out more about future whisky nosing events at the Big Shed, either contact Jane on 07766 566935 or keep an eye on our Newsletters and the Dates for Your Diary section on this page.