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Sinsheen Shines at the Big Shed!


The Big Shed acoustics rang in June with the voices of Christine and Barbara, the Scottish folk duo Sinsheen who gave a fantastic performance as expected! The two voices, mostly unaccompanied and completely unaided by amplification, were suited particularly well to the ambience; lovely harmonies filled the hall, which was laid out with candle-lit tables in café style. The atmosphere was informal and intimate with the singers practically in the audience, allowing the opportunity for Katy to collaborate from the front of the audience with embellishments to the harmonies for some of the songs.

The songs themselves were a mixture, including some very funny and irreverent ones: a favourite was Muggy Sha, about a lady banned from all the pubs in Dundee. In spite of the lyrics being in rich Dundee dialect, the meaning was abundantly clear and the audience was in stitches!

There was also some Rabbie Burns and a lovely version of Loch Lomond to an unfamiliar tune, Sinsheen being renowned for their research into traditional music and their ability to bring a unique twist in their approach to the songs.

There was also a guest slot for Andrew Warwick and Katy just after the interval who played and sang charmingly two very fine old songs – To the Begging I Will Go, and Burns’ Green Grow the Rushes O.

It was altogether an evening of the finest Scottish folk music. A lovely quote from quote from nicely sums up Sinsheen:

“The songs of Sinsheen are a voice for the irreverent everywhere, with a brash sense of humour, but a healthy respect for the roots of traditional Scottish music. Songs vary from self-penned via trad to the odd genre-swapping version of a dyed-in-the-wool Scottish favourite. Expect fun and seriousness in equal measure, a performance extraordinarily varied and rich, songs about work, struggle, love, getting the bairn tae sleep, politics, the blues, and dreams”.

If you missed the concert this time round, keep a lookout for future dates at the Big Shed; in the mean time if you would like to hear more of Sinsheen their debut CD Lift can be purchased from their website at

“Everywhere the ladies’ singing just oozes Life; the overwhelming feeling you get is that they really enjoy what they’re doing and they mean every word and nuance, and the result, captured in telling detail by the disc’s producer Michael Marra, is unstintingly fresh and invigorating”. –