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Retreat: Embodying Presence with Claire Swetha

Date(s) - 15/09/2017 - 17/09/2017
All Day

claire retreat

In order to be fully engaged and awake to life we must first radically accept the fact that we are spiritual beings living in physical bodies.   By allowing ourselves to fully arrive in this physical body, in this life, on this earth, we choose to live a life more awake to the vibrancy of the ever-present now.

By grounding and re-connecting with the foundations of our physical existence, we can truly engage with our spiritual growth and our awakening consciousness.

On this retreat we will have 2 days to explore and re-connect with our spiritual selves, working from the foundations of our physical body and the natural world around us.   By choosing to be grounded and present, we tap into our Natural way of Being, one of peace, vitality and joy.

Using the beautiful location of the Big Shed as our inspiration we will use meditation to connect, deeply, with the natural world around us.   Meditative nature connection helps us to naturally and easily turn our attention inwards, tuning the nervous system towards inner peace and stillness.

  •  We will use dance and movement meditation, body and sense-awareness meditation and self-enquiry practice to help us truly arrive in this body and to take ownership of it.   This is how we embody ourselves; how we drop out of the ego-mind and arrive more fully into the heart and into our innate joy.
  • We have the opportunity to camp in order to experience the positive and grounding effects of sleeping on the earth.
  • Together, as a community, we will prepare and eat vibrant and fresh vegetarian food.  There will be further opportunity (weather permitting!) to connect with each other round a camp fire.   On one evening there will be a healing sound journey.


Residential £190  (includes camping for 2 nights with facilities and all meals)

Non-residential   £150  (includes lunches)

Early bird £160  (booked before 15th August)

To book please contact Claire on Contact Claire on 07594-932270 or email to

If you would prefer not to camp, or can’t do so for health reasons, please contact me.

The Big Shed is a beautiful, warm and cosy space with large workshop space, toilets, a shower and a kitchen.


Claire Swetha is the co-founder of Greenside Retreat Centre in Fife.  She is an experienced facilitator of transpersonal, shamanic-healing retreats which  incorporate movement and dance meditation and spiritual self-enquiry.   She has a deep spiritual connection with the natural world which has facilitated a lifetime of personal growth.  Claire is an experienced Energy Healer and Medical Herbalist and is a dedicated practitioner of the Ishaya’s Ascension Meditation practice.

Francesco Benvenuti is an gifted energy worker, experienced in working with both TCM bodywork (Shiatsu), and shamanic healing – he is a regular assistant on healing retreats at Greenside Retreat.   Trained in both Chi Gong and 5 rhythms dance practise he is also passionate about the use of movement and dance as a spiritual practice.