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June wedding

The bride and groom took full advantage of the fantastic weather  and held the service on the grassy area beside the Big Shed overlooking Loch Tay. There’s not much more to say about that other than PERFECT. Then fabulous home-made food, all prepared in the Big Shed’s kitchen – apart from the lovely wedding cake which came from  Kenmore Bakery...

Event updates

After the hiberabtion of the winter months, the Big Shed is waking up with some  exciting events . 13th February –  The Edinburgh Quartet 11th April – Red Note ensemble with Reels to Ragas – a fusion of Western Classical, Indian classical and traditional Scottish. 23rd April – Yoga workshop with Sadhita For event times and ticket...

Newsletters – Old and New

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New Broadband

Many thanks to our sponsors Briskona who have brought the Big Shed into the 21st Century with broadband internet service. Satellite Broadband is great for rural areas and reaches the parts that terrestrial providers don’t reach!

Whisky Tasting at the Big Shed

Hah! I thought a big glass of whisky would get your attention – but have you ever wished to know more about how to appreciate our national tipple properly? Of course you have, and a Single Malt Whisky tasting event at the Big Shed is exactly what you need to familiarise yourself with the finer points of the revered Scottish Art of Whisky. Just such a...

Sinsheen Shines at the Big Shed!

The Big Shed acoustics rang in June with the voices of Christine and Barbara, the Scottish folk duo Sinsheen who gave a fantastic performance as expected! The two voices, mostly unaccompanied and completely unaided by amplification, were suited particularly well to the ambience; lovely harmonies filled the hall, which was laid out with candle-lit tables in café...